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Are you looking for a picnic table that can be left outside year round without getting damaged by the elements? You’ve come to the right place! All products from Premier Picnic Tables are maintenance free and completely weather resistant. No matter if these picnic tables are left in snow, sun, or rain, they will stay looking new for years to come. They’re the most durable outdoor picnic tables available.


Hickory Style Picnic Table


Solid Construction: A durable outdoor picnic table starts with a firm foundation. At Premier Picnic Tables we only use the most trusted materials for building picnic tables: steel and double ribbed aluminum. These tough metals can stand against heavy weights and tough wear without looking defeated.

Full Welds: While other companies make their dime on cutting corners, Premier fully welds each junction point, ensuring that no rust or corrosion will occur when moisture is exposed to the product. Making sure that your product will last a lifetime.

Sandblasting: Each piece is sandblasted to remove unwanted debris from the metal before working with and powder coating it. A proper sandblasting will prep the metal and allow for the powder coating to adhere properly.

Priming + Powder Coating: For a full opacity powder coating, priming is essential. Priming can help to protect the powder coating from flaking, chipping, and scratching off over time. A powder coating color of the customer’s choice is then applied on top of the primer.

Top Coat: To finish off the full protection of your new picnic table, a clear top coat is applied to the picnic table. This layer adds protection against UV damage, scratches, and spills.


Outdoor Picnic Tables



Premier Picnic Tables is a trusted provider of outdoor picnic tables for city parks departments and local companies. Our picnic tables have been tested and proven in both indoor and outdoor tests. These tests included 4,000 hours of salt spray, and 11 years outdoors without rust or deterioration. Impact, chemical resistance, crosshatch adhesion, and bend tests were easily passed by our products.

Not all outdoor picnic tables are created equal. Shop our outdoor picnic tables selection here, or call us at (208) 356-3263