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Aluminum Picnic Table


Trusted by homeowners and forest service professionals alike, the Spruce style picnic table is known for its durability and comfort. Constructed from solid steel and double ribbed aluminum, then powder coated to your unique color preference, this table will last a lifetime without rusting or corroding. Rain, heat, and other outdoor conditions don’t stand a chance against this quality picnic table. Created for entertaining, the Spruce seats up to eight people comfortably along its benches. With both six and eight foot length options, you’re certain to find a picnic table that will fit your space. See the image below for available table dimensions.

picnic tables picnic tables
picnic tables picnic tables
picnic tables picnic tables
picnic tables picnic tables



Non-Tipping : Premier’s solid construction and patented design means that no matter how much weight is placed on each bench, they’ll never bend or buckle. This makes them safer and more reliable than many of the competitors’ benches.

ADA Compliant: Now everyone can enjoy time around the picnic table with Premier’s ADA compliant designs.  The Spruce is available for single sided and double sided ADA compliance. Tell us what your needs are and we can design a plan to fit them.

Eco-Friendly: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These picnic tables are made from recycled steel, are free of heavy metals and carcinogens, and don’t use any solvents that can out-gas into the environment.

Weather Resistant: Your investment is protected with durable, weather resistant parts and construction. Made from solid stainless steel and double ribbed Aluminum, each part of Premier’s picnic tables are powder coated to your unique color preference. You’ll never have to worry about rust and corrosion being an issue.

Extra Seating: The Spruce style picnic table can seat up to eight people. ADA compliance is also available, allowing for two more people to sit comfortably.

Visit the unique features page to learn more about what sets Premier Picnic Tables apart from the competition.

Outdoor picnic table

easy clean up picnic table



The Spruce style picnic table’s top is constructed of double ribbed Aluminum. Not only is this metal extremely durable, but it also makes clean up a breeze. Simply wipe off foods, and potential stains, with a rag. Because each part of this picnic table is powder coated, there’s no need to use special cleaners. Even the harshest chemicals won’t effect the protective powder coating’s seal.

durable picnic table design


Premier Picnic Tables stands apart from the competition by offering picnic tables that are completely customizable. The Spruce style picnic table can be customized in many different ways, such as:

Color: Pick the powder coating color that best fits your taste and space. As authorized dealers of Sherwin Williams, Axalta Powders, TCI Powder, Tiger Drylac, Prismatic Powder, and Cardinal Powder, we have hundreds of powder coating colors to choose from. You’ll enjoy a selection of basic, neon, and veined color choices.

Length: The Spruce style picnic table is available in both six and eight foot lengths. Additional dimension customizing is available for ADA single and double sided compliance standards.

Optional Logo: Clearly display what’s important to you with our Spruce style picnic table. Perfect for both commercial and residential properties, custom laser logo cutting can be done on one, or both picnic table legs. Experienced designers will work with you to design a logo that perfect for your space.

Disclaimer: Umbrella holes are not available for the Spruce style picnic table.


Park Picnic Table



At Premier Picnic Tables, we believe in the quality of our products so much that we back them with a warranty. With our three year limited manufacture’s warranty, you’ll be protected against any manufacturer’s defects that may occur. The powder coating application is guaranteed for one year against peeling, rusting, and cracking.

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