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Premier’s picnic tables have many unique features that set them apart from the competition. These features include ADA compliance, non-tipping seats, weather resistance, custom logos, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. Continue reading to find out the special features that you can only get with Premier Picnic Tables.


ADA Compliant Picnic Tables


The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was created to help people with both physical and mental disabilities. Premier Picnic Tables also believes that there should be no limitations to those with disabilities, and that’s why all our picnic tables are available in wheelchair friendly options.

For a double sided ADA compliant option, see our Spruce style picnic table. The White Hickory and Hickory picnic tables are available for single sided ADA compliance. If you’d like your picnic table order to be ADA compliant, simply select that option from the dropdown in the shopping cart.


non tipping picnic tables


Nothing is more embarrassing than tipping seats on picnic tables. Not only does this make the bench unsafe when supporting weight, but it also can be humiliating for those affected by it. Premier Picnic Tables have a unique design that doesn’t allows for no tipping to occur when any amount of weight is applied to the bench seats. This means that it doesn’t matter if there’s 1000 lb or 100 lb, you’ll enjoy the security that comes with stable bench seats.


weather proof picnic tables


If you’re looking for a way to more fully enjoy the outdoors, a picnic table could be your solution (Umbrella holes are optional with the Hickory and White Hickory style picnic tables).  Picnic tables provide a way for active and mobile-limited friends and family to all gather in one space. Premier’s picnic tables are made from the most durable materials, including steel and double ribbed aluminum. Each piece is then powder coated for resistance to corrosion and rusting, even when there is snow, water, and high winds. Each of our table tops and seats have been thoroughly tested in a salt-spray bath for over 8,000 hours, without showing any signs of corrosion. These durable materials help to extend the lifespan of each table bought. That’s why we offer a three year manufacturer limited warranty on each picnic table. With the help of powder coating, each picnic table will resist UV rays, scratching, and chemicals, making them the perfect choice for families and companies alike. And because of our sandblasted metal, adherence of the powder coating is extremely durable, eliminating chipping and peeling that can occur with our competitor’s brands. We’re so sure of the powder coating’s performance that we’ll back it with a one year guarantee.


Picnic Table Warranty

Eco Friendly Picnic Tables


Here at Premier Picnic Tables we care about the effect we have on the environment. That’s why each of our picnic tables are made in the most environmentally conscious way.

No acrylic coatings are used. Each picnic table is powder coated with color that is free of solvents that can produce harmful gases that effect the environment. Our powder coatings reduce waste and are recyclable. Excess powder from the coating is collected and reused on other picnic tables. The powder coatings used on our tables are free of heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium. There are no cancer forming carcinogens in or around any of our products.

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