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white hickory picnic table from premier picnic tables


A top choice by universities, corporations, and homeowners alike, the White Hickory style picnic table adds class to virtually every setting. Known for it’s slated seats, it shares a similar design to the Hickory style picnic table. Made from the most durable materials, and then protected with a durable powder coating, this picnic table is as long lasting indoors as it is outdoors.


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No Tipping, Ever: At Premier, we believe in taking extra steps to ensure the quality of the product. That’s why we’ve designed a patented structure and design for our White Hickory picnic table that is unlike any other on the market. With this design, you’ll never have to worry about your picnic table bending or tipping when weight is applied to it. Ensure the safety of your family and friends with this unique feature.


ADA Compliant: Now everyone can enjoy time spent around the picnic table with Premier’s ADA compliant designs. The White Hickory picnic table offers the option to remove one seat for ADA compliance. This meets the height and depth requirements for ADA standards making the White Hickory Picnic Table a comfortable choice.


Eco-Friendly: Keeping the environment beautiful and healthy is important to us, and we reflect that in the construction of our picnic tables. All picnic tables are made from recycled steel that is free of carcinogens and heavy metals, without the use of out-gas solvents. After each powder coating application, extra material is collected and applied to the next project.


Weather Resistant: The White Hickory style picnic table from Premier is made from durable steel. To protect the picnic table from moisture caused rust and corrosion, every piece is fully welded and powder coated.


Warranty: We’re so sure of the quality of this product that each one is backed by a free, three year limited manufacturer’s warranty. If any defects occur, Premier will replace or repair your picnic table, free of charge. A one year limited warranty is offered for the power coating application, protecting against cracks, peels, and other application issues.


Hickory style picnic table from Premier Picnic Tables



There’s no limit to where you can have shade with the optional umbrella hole feature on the White Hickory style picnic table. For a nominal charge, enjoy an umbrella hole in your next picnic table.

Picnic Table customization from Premier Picnic Tables



Powder Coating Color: Pick the powder coating color that best fits your space. Premier offers many different brands of powder coating colors, including neon and veined color options. Not sure what color you should choose? Our professional powder coating experts can listen to your needs and make appropriate recommendations.

ADA Compliance: We specialize in making quality ADA compliant picnic tables. At your request, one seat may be removed to accommodate wheelchairs with ease.

Laser Cutting: Customize your picnic table with a one of a kind laser cut logo. Table tops are available to display what is important to you without compromising the integrity of the table.

Umbrella Hole: For a nominal fee you can enjoy a functional umbrella hole on your next White Hickory picnic table order. This function is also available on the Hickory style picnic table.

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white hickory picnic table from premier picnic tables